For thousands of years obesity was never seen. Our ancestors were never obese. They ate less food (had not much option). Did far more physical work. They walked everywhere. Did all the work manually with hands. Hunted and gathered. They were never overweight or obese. They were slim and fit. They never had these modern day diseases like diabetes (and associated secondary complications like renal ailments, heart diseases) cancer etc.  Over past 60 years or so we are experiencing an obesity epidemic. The abundance of calorie dense foods and decrease in physical activity are the main reasons behind obesity. To counter this there are many myriad diet plans in the market like.
  • 5:2 diet: For 5 days in a week you eat your normal food. But for 2 days you limit your food intake to a mere 500 calories per day. 
  • Cabbage soup diet: It is 7 day diet plan. Your life will revolve around cabbage soups. That is the only thing you will be eating for 7 days.
  • Grapefruit diet (Hollywood Diet/ Mayo Clinic Diet): This diet is based on the claim that grapefruit has a fat burning enzyme or similar property. The variations of the grapefruit diet are too low in calories (below 1200 calories a day), too low in carbohydrates and too low in essential micro nutrients. This diet is considered unhealthy.
  • Fruitarianism : A fruitarian diet is a strict form of a vegetarian diet that is generally limited to eating fresh fruits.
  • Israeli Army diet: This diet is for eight days with the dieter only eating one type of food for two days each.

  •     Days One - Two: Apples (black tea/coffee allowed)
        Days Three - Four: Cheese (black tea/coffee allowed)
        Days Five - Six: Chicken (black tea/coffee allowed)
        Days Seven - Eight: Salad (black tea/coffee allowed)
  • Paleolithic diet: The Paleolithic diet is also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet. Proponents of the diet recommend avoiding any foods that they claim were not available to humans at that time. This  includes avoiding dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils and refined sugar. 
  • South Beach Diet:  It emphasizes eating high fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and lean protein. It categorizes carbohydrates and fats as "good" or "bad.
  • Gerson therapy: The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body's extraordinary ability to heal itself through organic, plant-based diet, raw juices, coffee and natural supplements.
  • Low-fat diet: Reducing fat in the diet can make it easier to cut calories. Fat provides nine calories per gram while carbohydrates and protein each provide four calories per gram. choosing low-fat foods makes it possible to eat a larger volume of food for the same number of calories.
  • Morning banana diet: The diet plan allows consumption of unlimited bananas with room temperature water or a serving of milk for breakfast. Lunch, and dinner food choices are unrestricted. They can have one or more bananas as a snack between meals but no other desserts are permitted. Nothing is eaten after 8 pm.
  • Low-carbohydrate diet: Low-carbohydrate diets or low-carb diets are dietary programs that restrict carbohydrate consumption. Foods high in easily digestible carbohydrates (e.g., sugar, bread, pasta) are limited or replaced with foods containing a higher percentage of fats and moderate protein (e.g., meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, cheese, nuts, and seeds) and other foods low in carbohydrates
  • Dr. Atkins' Diet : The diet involves limited consumption of carbohydrates to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy over to converting stored body fat to energy. This process is called  lipolysis which consumes fat to produce ketone bodies. Atkins diet involve total elimination of carbohydrates and consumption of foods rich in protein..
  • The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet:  Carbohydrate Addicts Diet restricts certain carbohydrates from your diet while allowing you to eat a modest of amount of approved carbs.
  • Protein Power: The principle of PP is the restriction of carbohydrates – in particular refined ones. For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors ate mainly animal protein, with a few wild vegetables and nuts thrown in. Our bodies are still designed to eat this way and doing otherwise has caused us tremendous health problems.
  • Sugar Busters: No need to count calories on this plan. You can lose weight with a high-fiber diet made up of the right kinds of fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. But you have to give up refined sugar and flour.
  • Zone diet: According to this diet plan the human body in calorie balance does not have to store excess calories as fat. A 30:40 ratio of protein to carbohydrates (The Zone) in food triggers fat burning mechanism. 
  • Ketogenic diet: The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates for energy.
  • The Pritikin Principle: This diet is low in fat and high in fiber. The recommended foods are fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean protein and fish. 
  • Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss: The rationale behind Shapiro's diet is "calorie concentration of foods" that is the key to controlling weight. You can eat more of foods that have a lower calorie concentration than you can of those with a higher calorie concentration.
  • Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan: This diet plan focusses on up on eating the right foods that fill you up for less calories. 
  • Fit for Life: This diet has been praised for encouraging the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. Some basic principles are 1) Fruits are best eaten fresh and raw. Where possible they should be eaten alone. 2) Carbohydrates & Proteins should never be combined in one meal. 3) Water dilutes stomach digestive juices and should never be drunk at meals. 4) Dairy products are considered of limited value and due to their allergic capacity and they should seldom, if ever, be eaten.
  • Cambridge Diet: The core of the Diet in the UK is a very-low-calorie diet (VLCD), as low as 440 calories/day, combined with minerals, vitamins and fatty acids to reduce the loss of nutrients typical of low calorie restriction. 
  • Slim-Fast: This is about meal replacement. You'll need Slimfast’s proprietary snack bars, meal bars, and shakes for most of your food.
  • Baby Food Diet: The idea behind the diet is to replace two daily meals with jars of homemade pureed baby food or store bought jars. The third meal of the day is to remain low calorie and small. The daily calorie restrictions are said to be 600 calories or less.

All these diet plans do work. If you follow any of the above diet plans you will reduce weight. Now let em briefly introduce myself. My name is Andrew M. Kahn I am Hempstead, New York based dietitian and fitness trainer. In my 20 years as a professional dietitian and fitness trainer I have applied many of the above mentioned diet plans to my clients. I have seen them reduce weight. But in most of the cases I have seen that my clients have nit only gained the post weight but have put on even more weight. There are a few fundamental reasons behind this 
  • Most of the above diet plans are by definition meant to be followed only for a short term of around  7-15 days. Following beyond the stipulated period could be harmful. High protein diets (like Atkins) could cause serious damage to kidney's and other organs if followed continuously. Most other diet plans will lead to severe mineral, vitamin and other nutrient deficiency. 
  • These diet plans place stringent restrictions on you and make your life miserable. They tend to forget that we feel hunger pangs which if not quenched will make us feel very uncomfortable and miserable. There is a fundamental reason behind why we feel the excess hunger pangs in the first place. Hunger is the most powerful urge. It the nature's way of preserving life. We cannot stay away from eating if we feel hungry. If we suppress hunger our body will go into the "famine mode" which will drastically slow down the body's energy metabolism. 
  • In short almost everyone find it miserable and experience huge discomfort while following these diet plans. Most of the weight loss is due to breakdown of precious muscle cells and loss of water content in the body. Once the 7-15 days diet regime is stopped people tend to consume far more food and put on even greater weight. 

There is indeed only one basic way to reduce weight. You have to spend more calories than you actually consume. You have to create a calorie deficit. The food we consume contains primarily carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 

  1. 1 gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories
  2. 1 gram of protein contains 4 calories 
  3. 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories.
Excess calorie consumed in any form - be it carbohydrate, protein or fat tend to get stored only as fat in the body. So for every additional 9000 calorie we consume our body weight increases by 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of pure fat. Conversely for every 9000 calorie deficit we create in our body we lose 1 Kg of fat.

But how this calorie deficit is created is very important if you have to shed serious fat on a permanent basis. Normal calorie requirement for a man of 35 years age and 65 kg weight is 2000 calories. Normal calorie requirement for a woman of same age and weight is 1700 calories -assuming the lifestyle is sedentary. If you consume just this amount of food then you will not gain any weight. Even if you do not do any visible physical activity and spend whole day in desk you will automatically burn off 1700- 2000 calories. How is it possible? Our body is operating nonstop 24 hours a day lifelong. It needs energy to pump the blood, for heart beat, build the cells, breaking down the cells, for blinking of the eyes and such countless metabolic process. Thus it manages to spend anything upwards 1500 calories without we doing any voluntary physical activity. This is generally known as calorie spent for metabolic process. When we are young as in teens and early twenties our metabolic rate is at its peak so the body takes up more calories for its metabolic process. This is the reason why in our teen age years despite consuming more food and not indulging in any overt physical activity we were very slim. But as we grow older in age we pile on more and more fat despite consuming less food and doing more physical activity. Our body's metabolic rate is an important factor in determining our weight. 

We would rather call it as FATOL fat loss plan rather than weight loss plan. Because you can reduce your overall body weight by losing muscles, losing water content in the body or by reduction in bone density - which are the most unhealthy ways to reduce weight. The only proper way to lose weight is by losing fat. FATOL weight loss plan is about melting away solid and stubborn fat from your body. 

There are 3 distinct parts of FATOL Fat Loss Plan. These are extremely easy to follow - as easy as breathing. You can follow any one of these or all the three. 

The real beauty about all the three FATOL Fat Loss Plans is that you will not feel as if something is thrust upon you. You will enjoy following them. They are so simple yet so powerful. You will not be deprived of food. In fact with FATOL THERMOGENIC  DIET™  (or the Negative Calorie Diet) you can eat for all the 24 hours if you choose. You may choose any of the three books or even all three and follow the instructions exactly as given. The books can be instantly downloaded and the theory put to practice immediately. the books will be precise and to the point right from the first sentence. 

The main reason why obesity has reached epidemic proportions now (over past 50 years or so) has got more to do with abundance of simple carbohydrates rather than high fat food. The main reason so many of us struggle to lose weight is because we eat too much sugar and processed food. Even supposedly healthy low-fat foods are very often packed with hidden sugars or white flour [which the body swiftly converts into sugar]. This means that our blood-sugar levels bubble away on maximum all day long. The body deals with this sugar overload by releasing the hormone insulin which filters glucose out of the blood and sends it off to be stored as fat. There is an additional mechanism that the body uses to protect delicate brain cells from the possible sugar overload. Every brain cell is surrounded by ten or more special 'feeder cells' (called glial cells) which monitor and control the amount of blood sugar in the brain. These cells have the important job of ensuring that a precisely measured supply of sugar reaches the brain cells. Each one houses a microscopic pump, which measures the density of sugar in the blood and then supplies the brain cell with exactly the right amount of fuel. If we eat too many biscuits, chocolate, fizzy drinks or pastries, these pumps are prone to sudden 'emergency shut-downs' to protect the brain cells from sugar overload. This means only the tiniest trickle of fuel is allowed to reach brain cells until the potentially dangerous sugar-rush is over. This mechanism would work well if the glut of sugar was only short-lived but thanks to our modern diet most of us are likely to be nibbling and grazing on sugary foods all day. We consume sugary teas, coffees, soda pops, pasta, pizza, chocolates, cakes and myriad type of foods. The result? The glial cells are switched off for long periods, leaving brain cells surviving on emergency fuel rations. The brain as a result is always hungry. Hungry brain is a stressed brain. In desperation, the brain will send out a cocktail of chemical messages to try to drum up sugar from any other possible source. This is a vicious cycle. These chemical messages trigger insatiable sugar cravings, leaving us feeling powerless to resist finishing the whole packet of biscuits, indulging in another slice of cake or grabbing a sweet cup of tea - consuming more and more carbs. Honey holds the key to breaking this vicious cycle. 
Brief outline of the contents in FATOL Honey Diet ™ book 

FATOL Honey Diet ™ is the simplest and most enjoyable of all the diet plans. You can eat as much as 6 times a day. You have to mandatorily drink FATOL BEVERAGE ™ as mentioned below. Follow the diet plan for at least 7 days. You will reduce solid fat. After that you can indulge in your favorite foods but with some basic guidelines which is outlined. While following FATOL Honey Diet ™ if you feel more hunger pangs you can prepare FATOL BEVERAGE ™ and drink it. Your hunger pangs will vanish within minutes. Starting from the very first page you will be able to put the instructions into use almost immediately. You can finish reading this book and understand it within 30 minutes. The very next minute you will be preparing the FATOL BEVERAGE ™ and foods according to FATOL Honey Diet ™. You will be experiencing the benefits starting from the very first day. 

• FATOL Honey Diet ™ differs fundamentally from other diet plans. It is something natural and you will enjoy following this plan. You will not feel it like something forcefully thrust upon you. You can follow this diet plan lifelong and you will enjoy follwing it. This is how people feel with most other diet plans. You will not be made to fight against food like other weight loss plans. You can NEVER fight against food and win in the long run. It is against nature. This is the reason why most diet plans fail. 

• With FATOL Honey Diet ™ your hunger pangs, carbohydrate cravings and sweet tooth will be taken care of. Hunger is the most primal craving. It is the nature's way of preserving life. Carbohydrates are the first source of energy. Our body can instantly and easily derive energy to sustain itself only from carbohydrates (glucose). We need protein and fats too but they are first converted into carbohydrates (glucose) through a complex process known as Gluconeogenesis. Our brain is constantly looking for glucose. This is the reason why it is impossible to overcome carb craving. This is also the reason why most other diet regimes make you feel miserable. I have seen that those who subject themselves to other diet plans do lose weight temporarily. But they gain back much more than what they lost. 

• With FATOL Honey Diet ™ you lose weight by shedding solid fat and not by muscle loss or dehydration. With most diet plans (apart from high protein plans like Atkins diet) you end up losing weight by break down of muscles. When you deprive yourself of carbohydrate or supply yourself with wrong carbohydrates the brain will enter into famine mode (also known as starvation response) and start deriving its energy needs from the next easiest source – muscles. There will be breakdown of muscles. Lean tissue and muscle will be burnt as fuel source. The high protein diets (like Atkins) do not cause muscle tissue loss but are fraught with other serious side effects. High protein diet can result in very high levels of ketones leading to bad breath, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, insomnia and nausea. Chronic constipation is another side effect of high protein Atkins diet. Many experts and doctors are also worried that high intakes of protein may cause kidney problems or weaken bones. Unbalanced nature of the Atkins diet may lead to nutritional deficiencies 

• The FATOL BEVERAGE ™  is a unique beverage. It has just 3 common ingredients. You will find these ingredients in the very first grocery store you come across anywhere in the world. FATOL BEVERAGE ™  has both hunger quenching and mood elevating effects. The ingredients in FATOL BEVERAGE ™ are mixed in such a way that they elevate mood and curtail hunger pangs. The hunger pangs are curtailed naturally by supplying the body its source of energy and not by masking hunger artificially like prescription appetite suppressants.  Depression (mild to moderate) is the one of the reasons behind overeating and excess hunger pangs. This is the reason why anti-depressants are commonly prescribed as a weight loss pill. The ingredients in FATOL BEVERAGE ™ are well documented for their mood elevating effects (similar to chocolates). The ingredients for FATOL BEVERAGE ™ have to be specifically made as per instructions to have both hunger quenching and mood elevating effects

• With FATOL Honey Diet ™ you will be eating 6 times a day. But you will not be eating whatever you want. The diet plan will tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat.  Once you complete the 7 day FATOL Honey Diet ™ you can indulge in your usual food habits. But you will be following some very basic guidelines in your food habits. However I want you to drink FATOL BEVERAGE ™ daily lifelong. FATOL BEVERAGE ™ will act as an anchor in your life. 

You may order the FATOL Honey Diet ™ book below and instantly download the book (in pdf format). You can immediately begin to apply the methods. You will find how easy and enjoyable it is to reduce solid fat and effortlessly conquer the hunger pangs. 

U.S$5/- (Five dollars only)

Thermogenic diet is at times wrongly called as Negative calorie diet. Basically there is no such food as negative calorie food. But there are certain type of foods that require far more calories for digestion and releasing energy. The calorific "cost" of digesting the food is far higher. Such foods satisfy hunger by filling the stomach with food that has a lower calorie count per volume. For example consider glucose, 100 grams of glucose has 400 calories. It instantly releases almost all the 400 calories. 

Take 100 grams of table sugar for example. It has 370 calories (pure 100 grams glucose has 400 calories). The moment we put sugar in the mouth it melts and is instantly digested converting into 370 calories of energy. These excess calories if not burnt adds up to 41 grams of fat in our body. Sugar will neither fill your stomach nor quench your hunger. Moreover sugar (converted to glucose) will also release insulin which will trigger the fat storing mechanism. If your stomach is not filled then your brain will sense scarcity and body's metabolism will go into a type of hibernation mode. It will reduce the overall resting energy metabolism. This is the nature's way of preserving energy and life at times of scarcity.

Now take 100 grams apple for example. It has on the average 50 calories per 100 grams. But unlike sugar the apple needs to be chewed, masticated and sent down to the digestive system. In digestive system extra work has to be done to digest apple and to finally release the 50 calories of energy. All the process of chewing, mastication and digestion requires additional calorie spend. The net result is that you end up spending more calories than you actually get when you eat apple. Well if you eat only apples for 7 full days you will end up losing drastic amount of fat. But it will only make you feel miserable and you will feel the uncontrollable craving for carbohydrates. So you should never indulge in that kind of diet. All the fad diets do something like this. Some may require you to eat only protein based food shunning all the carbohydrates and some may require you to consume only cabbage soup. It is proven that no one loses weight with these fad diets in the long run.

Apple as we saw above is a thermogenic food - it burns more calories than you actually receive. There are hundreds of such foods- fruits, vegetables and meat products that has this property of thermogenis. FATOL THERMOGENIC  DIET ™ is about a master soup that you will be preparing with any of these hundreds of thermogenic foods. This FATOL thermogeneic soup is so delicious and tasty that you will fall in love with this. You can use your imagination and use a wide variety of ingredients to make this soup. The more you consume this soup more the weight you lose. Would you like to eat 24 hours a day? Go ahead and consume this Thermegenic master soup. You will lose more weight. After 7 days you can even indulge in pizzas, burgers, fries or any food you cherish. You will not feel like eating beyond a limit. 

Brief outline of contents in FATOL THERMOGENIC  DIET ™ book 

  • You will be eating a minimum of 5 times a day. The 7 day diet FATOL THERMOGENIC  DIET ™ plan with specific recipe for each day and time is explained in detail. The recipe can be repeated/ interchanged.
  • You will be a making a Thermogenic soup ™ and consuming it throughout the day whenever you feel like eating something. This soup is delicious, nutritious and fulfilling.
  • There are hundreds of "negative calorie" or "thermogenic foods from vegetable, fruits and meat category. These are mentioned in detail. You can eat them raw/cooked whenever you want.
  • With FATOL THERMOGENIC  DIET ™ you can eat as much as you want (obviously not whatever you want.) You can eat your favorites foods (pizzas/burgers etc.) after the 7 day diet plan. But it is strongly suggested that   50% of the food you consume is from the "negative calorie" or "thermogenic food. 
  • FATOL THERMOGENIC  DIET ™ is a 24 hours diet - meaning you can eat for 24 hours a day. The more you eat the more the weight (fat) you reduce.
  • Follow the instructions in the book and you will be shedding solid fat in the healthiest way possible. You can download the book immediately and put to practice the highly effective methods instantly

U.S$5/- (Five dollars only)

Those who go to gym and do stringent aerobic workouts like jogging, swimming, cycling etc.. will tell you how difficult it is to reduce weight. This is not do say weight training or aerobic exercises are useless. You should always take to them. They will keep you fit and healthy. But weight loss (fat loss to reiterate) is altogether a different ball game. It is smart work rather than handwork that will do the trick.  Prolonged aerobic exercise does not lead to weight loss. 

Can aerobic exercise help in fat loss? 

  • Aerobics burn a relatively small amount of calories vs. the time spent. You cannot spend more than 600 calories (on an average) in one hour of jogging/swimming. Such intense aerobics will cause a dip in carbohydrate (glucose level) in the body. To make up for it the brain triggers carbohydrate cravings and hunger pangs. If sufficient carbohydrates are not consumed the brain senses danger and immediately starts breaking down the precious muscle cells to supply the energy. It will also slow down your body's energy metabolism. This is the reason why aerobic workouts do not lead to weight loss or worse lead to weight loss by breaking down of the precious muscle tissues. 
  • For men aerobics are a form of chemical castration. Aerobics tend to lower Testosterone levels. This in turn is associated with lowered libido, depression, anxiety, increased body fat and decreased muscle tissue. This contributes to muscle-wasting and lowers the basal metabolic rate.
  • Those above 30 years of age should never do high impact exercise like jogging, skipping etc. for more than 10 minutes a day. It will severely affect your knees and cause it to age quickly. Fast walking, swimming and other non impact exercises are the ones that are much safer. 
FATOL Pro Intensity ™ workout is an aerobic workout but works on the high intensity interval training principle. This workout will not affect your joints (particularly knees) unlike other aerobic workouts. The time taken to do this workout is very short a mere 4 minutes hence it will not cause any dip in testosterone levels. Since exercise is not done for a prolonged time the calorie expenditure is derived by breaking down of the fat cells. The main benefit of FATOL Pro Intensity ™ is from its effect on body's energy metabolism. You will be spending more calories even at rest throughout the day. 

Can Weight or resistance training exercise lead to fat loss? 

  • Weight training exercise tend to prevent muscle atrophy and build more muscle tissues. Muscle tissues tend to burn more calories even at rest as compared to fat (increase in energy metabolism). But it is extremely difficult to build muscles throughout the body. It needs hours of workouts coupled with high protein supplements.
  • Most men (and to considerable extent women too) pile up excess fat in the mid portion of the body. It is not possible to directly do weight training to build muscles in the abdominal area. You have to first reduce fat to a considerable extent by other means - diet and aerobics before doing intense muscle building exercise..

FATOL Pro Builder ™ is an unique workout that helps build muscle throughout the body at the same time. Those who are regular gym goers will tell you how difficult it is to build muscles throughout the body. You have to do the workouts separately for each portion and it take hours daily. You will be amazed at the way FATOL Pro Builder ™ helps you build more muscle throughout the body. In fact it goes even further- it combines the principles of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to turn your body into a fat blasting machine. 

FATOL WORKOUT ™ is about burning of calories and boosting your energy metabolism even after you stop the physical workout. In FATOL WORKOUT ™ you will burn calories continuously throughout the day on 24 hour basis. The energy spent will not be derived from carbohydrate (glucose) source but will come directly by the breakdown of fat cells as it will be an anaerobic process. We have devised an extremely powerful and yet very simple easy to follow workout plan.

FATOL WORKOUT ™ is divided into two distinct parts both are extremely powerful fat blasting workouts that combine aerobic and anaerobic exertion.

  • FATOL Pro Intensity ™ : This workout takes just 4 minutes including 1 minute of intermittent rest. It is sufficient to do this workout for just 5 days a week (no harm if done on all days). This is a high intensity interval training that fires up the metabolism. This workout tricks the brain into anticipating physical exertion continuously for all the 24 hours. The result is that the energy reserve in our body - the stubborn fat cells will be broken down and energy expended. You will need a treadmill or a stationary cycle or just a plain ground for this workout.
  • FATOL Pro Builder ™ : This workout is for those who cannot do high intensity training. This workout takes a total of 30 minutes including 6 minutes of intermittent rest. This workout will again trick the brain into anticipating physical exertion for all the 24 hours and make it dip into fat stored in the body for energy. This workout will also build solid muscle tissues throughout the body and boost the basal metabolic rate. You will need a treadmill or plain ground and weight straps (the book will give instructions on how to make this weight straps within minutes)


U.S$5/- (Five dollars only)
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